Millions of Americans women and vedettes are completely fans. In only 10 minutes, this amazing serum cleans and moisturizes your face, giving it instant shine, smooth wrinkles around your eyes and make your lips soft and juicy. Be the first to come at Murphy to test Perk, the new hybrid facial treatment and take-home. 

For the « Women’s Day » organized at Murphy a chic and fashion Beauty Institute in Sofia Center that I discovered in the same time, the very friendly Elena and Emil from Bul Med Consult, a company in the beauty sector in Bulgaria, invited me to test their new 10 minutes face treatment Perk, a skin care brand very famous in United State.

85 millions of Americans are totally crazy about it. Usually, I do not accept this kind of invitation because I don’t use this kind of « miraculous » products. But the very kind team made me want to know more about this US brand freshly landed in Sofia and available only at Murphy. This skin « break » was proposed at the good moment. Very tired I have not had minutes to me since a few weeks. Just arrived, I’m taken care of by a team of smiling and punchy professionals of beauty. Here is the Bulgaria I love.


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